Our experienced technicians can carry out any necessary work, from the smallest patch or corner post to complete side, floor and roof repairs or new door and lock assembly. All replacement parts meet or exceed the original specifications.

We use the latest hydraulic systems to straighten damaged panels, and our fully-equipped carpentry workshop can partially or completely replace flooring with treated wood.

Our workshops operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to provide our clients with the best service in the region.


We carry out all kinds of cleaning, such as water-wash, steam-clean, chemical-clean, manual-clean and special cleaning, on containers and other equipment. Our water treatment plant removes any hazardous waste from the dirty water before being disposed of by the municipality.


We have a fleet of generator sets (gensets) that we hire out to our clients to use with their reefer containers. These gensets provide the power needed to keep cargoes frozen. We offer both top-mounting (clip-on) and trailer-mounting gensets.

Our gensets are GPS-monitored ,allowing us to keep the client informed about location and usage.

We also sell and repair new and second-hand gensets.


As well as structural repairs such as aluminium patching and so on, we carry out PTI’s (pre-trip inspections) & Plug-In on reefer containers that are needed for export and vessel loading. We repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning parts. We can also download data logs from reefer controllers, and flash-load them with the latest software.

We are authorized reefer agents for Carrier Transicold, Mitsubishi, Klinge Corp., Thermoking Corp., Daikin and Starcool. We can carry out warranty repairs and invoice the manufacturers directly.


We use our fabrication experience to modify and create containers for generators, transformers and office use, as well as carrying out any other standard fabrication works.

Cash Collection

We have created a novel solution to reduce container maintenance costs incurred by shipping companies, even though they are not responsible for any damages.

We have changed the system by passing these costs on to the consignee or transporters, after evaluating any damage incurred during loading and unloading consignments.

When the consignee returns an empty container, we check for any new damages, as well as verifying its sea worthiness and cargo worthiness.

Fast Track Cleaning

Fast track cleaning is an additional cost-saving method connected to cash collection. It is beneficial to the shipping lines because when a container requiring only cleaning passes through fast track, only cleaning, it is declared serviceable and ready for export. This service also helps shipping lines or agents minimise the rejection of boxes upon use.

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